About Us

At Modscape Architects, it is our vision to shape the modern landscape through innovative and efficient design solutions. What makes our practice exceptional is our vast experience in the building industry and our continuous drive to expand our skills and knowledge to continue doing what we love. We are team players and with our knowledge and expertise, we can assist your project to run smoothly from inception to end.

Why Choose Us?

We are an innovative and dynamic architectural firm that specializes in contemporary projects, being able to give our clients the complete packaged solution and peace of mind. We continuously expand our knowledge on the latest available building advances and strive to inform our clients regarding the best solutions for their needs, assisting them from project inception to completion.

What we Do

We assist with project viability, project design, interior design, marketing material, project management, contract administration, council approvals and more.  Due to our extensive knowledge in the architectural field our aim is to streamline the building process and become the one contact person for our clients instead of them having to deal with all the various municipalities, consultants, suppliers, builders, etc.


Our designs are guided by philosophies of function and form together with the specific needs of our client, while pushing to maximise the project value. Our focus is to create luxury architecture including, high-end residential, lodges, retail developments, office blocks, institutional and commercial buildings, all within our client’s budget.


We use 3D rendering software to assist with the visualization of a project.  This enables us to clearly communicate the project vision and illustrate what the final project will look like to our client before starting the actual build.


License and Registration

Modscape Architects is a licensed Professional Architecture firm as required by the South African Institute for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) since 1 July 2006. We are also members of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and Pretoria Institute of Architects (PIA).